MiASiN ! (“together” in Armenian) is an entirely female folk-fusion band of five French, Armenian and Turkish singing with passion and energy in their mother tongues about personal and social issues.

MiASiN ! TOUR 2024 :

⇒ MARSEILLE : jeudi 16 mai 2024.
Cité de la Musique…

⇒ MONT-de-MARSANT : vendredi 17 mai 2024.
Théâtre de Gascogne…

⇒ BRUXELLES : mercredi 22 mai 2024.

⇒ MONTBRISON : jeudi 23 mai 2024.
Théâtre de Pénitents…

Bringing together an Armenian duduk, an electric violin, a saz and synthetizers, this eclectic artistic world mixes traditional tones with fusion, jazz, and electro to offer music in turn festive, sensual and enthralling.

Through collaborative residences, original pieces, intercultural exchange and concerts around France, Belgium, Armenia and Turkey, MiASiN‘s music explores and draws its inspiration from the cultures of Anatolia – including the Armenian, Laz, Zaza, Kurdish, Hamshen/Hemşin soundscapes.


Management & Booking : +33 (0) 7 69 25 37 59